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Judging Again

I was at an aerobatic club meeting recently and observed some of the discussion about judging. There was criticism of the standard of judging and it seemed to me that criticism was directed at the Unlimited judges of which I was one. We didn't use the Fairplay System where the judges would expect an analysis of the scoring and a ranking of the judges - a pity as us judges have no knowledge of the basis of that criticism. The first that some may know about it may be when the proposed judging committee comprising "senior pilots" decides that they are no longer wanted at the contest. The Fairplay System would tell all where we stood although I wonder how it deals with a majority of the judges not detecting errors worthy of a hard zero. (I admit to missing the odd thing while judging at the nationals - no-one says that judging Unlimited is easy) Those of us who didn't compete and just participated as judges will probably respond in the following manner if this i