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New Rules for Licensing and Operations

Well, if the White Paper is correct the new rules for licensing and operations will appear by the end of 2010. Here's a discussion of some of the proposed changes. CASR Part 61 – Flight crew licensing Recreational Pilot Licence to be introduced to replace passenger-carrying privileges for student pilots This was also in the draft rules of 2002 (refer to Discussion Paper 0202FS). Back then the features of the RPL were: day VFR only, max of 180 hp, 4 seats max authorisation for cross-country flight in Class G airspace available as well as specific controlled airfields Class 2 medical required although solo flying permitted not over populous areas for those without a Class 2 medical It will be interesting to see how this turns out when the details are fleshed out. One guess is that the new RPL will be very similar to the current RAA Certificate. In 2002 there were some changes to the list of design feature authorisations: (i) tailwheel; (ii) retractable undercarriage; (ii

Aviation White Paper

From the Aviation White Paper: “To maintain and improve the safety of Australia’s aviation industry the Government will: …........; >> finalise the suites of CASA’s regulations on licensing and flight operations by the end of 2010“ It has been a long while since I've looked at the draft Parts 61 and 91 so just as a start have a look at where I was 6 years ago: GENERAL This page is an update on the status of the new Australian aviation regulations with particular reference to aerobatics. The big event recently was the CASA FLOT2003 Conference held in Sydney in March, 2003. First of all, some advice for those providing comments to CASA - Read all the related documents before making your comment. Make your comments concise and to the point. The new regulations are structured differently - don't comment on just one aspect without taking the time to understand the framework and all related sections. If you like something - say so - otherwise just a handful of adverse