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Downwind Loop

There was plenty of free time at the National Championships at Parkes so I filled in some time by knocking up some proposed Known Sequences for Sportsman and Intermediate. There wasn't a lot of time to submit them so grabbed some Knowns from the IAC and BAeA and set to work. I have just heard that I was severely criticised for putting a downwind loop in one of those sequences. I was also told that one of the persons who criticised me actually had a downwind loop in his proposal. Furthermore, neither of my sequences had a downwind loop. Loopy!

The Best Aerobatic Display

I've watched very many memorable aerobatic displays over the years. As a kid I used to go to the RAAF Laverton displays; only much later did I meet the pilot of many of the displays I'd been watching and had an opportunity to work with Gil. Then there was Aub, who taught me aerobatics, and his displays in the Cessna Aerobat. A year in the UK in the '70s gave me the opportunity to see the Rothmans Team plus Barry and Neil. Then living in the USA (pilots' paradise) there was Greg, Patty, Sean and Bob. At local displays: Chris and Pip. Back in the eighties there was the Philips World Aerobatic Challenge with Geoff, Frank, Kermit and Eric. Can't forget Xavier or Yurgis. Who have I forgotten? I won't venture into any judgement on their relative abilities. All memorable displays. Not taking anything away from the skills that these people have demonstrated but last March, at Redcliffe in Queensland, I saw a display and just had to comment to the pilot afterwards that