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Regulatory Review Program

I just have to agree with this editorial: "We can’t pinpoint the exact date, but readers keep reminding us that it’s 21 years this September since CASA launched its regulatory review program (RRP) to upgrade our dismally concocted, confused, contradictory and contaminated regulatory structure. The program set sail with the seemingly modest goal of introducing clear and concise regulations that were fewer, simpler, more enforceable, more appropriate, and in harmony with the rule structures of other nations. And there was lots of industry consultation. Since the program began in 1988, we’ve had four PMs, at least as many aviation-responsible ministers, four CASA directors, and by now something well over $200 million in ongoing costs. CASA’s legal department has grown, shrunk, and is now growing again, but the sheltered regulatory review workshop proudly sails on through dark, uncharted waters, seemingly still attached by a long mooring line to its point of departure. Every few years