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Pitts & Decathlon Update

My last blog at was about preparation for the National Aerobatic Championships at Easter. I've also sent some emails to a few people to start discussion about the logistics of getting there. Taking a Pitts or Decathlon with two people doesn't leave a lot of room to take luggage plus some useful stuff for the aeroplane. As usual, diddly squat response to my emails so I'll proceed with my own plans to suit myself – perhaps I'll even drive up with my wife (if the Airtourer option doesn't work out) and see what options I have for flying when I get to Parkes. My Decathlon, JIR, probably won't be going but that's another option for my wife and myself. If it does go it will, of course, be available for others to fly at the standard rate at Moorabbin. However, it would be good to get our “new” Pitts S-2A, MCR, there instead. Oxford's Pitts, SZE, will definitely be there with Rob and David taking it up. I expect that a stand